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September 1, 2023

Amilia and Noah are high school sweethearts who have known each other FOREVER — even before high school. They grew up in church together and were in the same friend group there. I actually have known both of them since middle school, and they were some of my best friends in high school, so it was super special to be their wedding photographer! They were each other’s first loves, and we all pretty much knew they’d end up together 🙂 Doing Midwest wedding photography has allowed me to travel and capture amazing people and their amazing stories. The Cantu wedding took me to Ohio and it was a DREAM!

Their wedding day included important cultural traditions

Amilia is half-Mexican, so there were different Mexican traditions that were incorporated to their wedding day, including her god-parents being involved in the ceremony, lots of tequila at the reception, and a mariachi band! The Cantu family are all extremely close and really embrace their heritage and culture. Noah ended up taking Amilia’s last name and has been completely accepted, adored, and loved by her family.

The wedding’s style was minimal and elegant. Black, white, and gold color scheme was showcased throughout the day. It wasn’t over-the-top — but it was absolutely GORGEOUS. The gold touches really tied everything together and the white wedding florals everywhere were STUNNING.

the importance of family on their wedding day

While Amilia and Noah first saw each other when she was walking down the aisle with her Mom and Dad, the bride did do a first look with her father, and then another first look with her three brothers. Family is super important to the Cantu’s, so during this sibling-first-look, all the brothers got very emotional.

completely in love — on their wedding day and in their marriage

One thing that really stuck with me during their ceremony, was the vows. Their wedding vows were so heartfelt and genuine. Amilia said she was so lucky to have found a love just like her parents’ love, and that Noah had accepted her for who she is and loved ALL of her, even when it felt like most other people didn’t. Noah said that if there was one word to describe his soon-to-be bride, it would be “everything.” This man loves his girl more than anything — and it was beautiful to witness as both their photographer and friend. 

Midwest Wedding Photography full of love

The wedding and reception both took place at the Everhart Gathering Place in Nevada, Ohio. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony followed by an indoor reception. You couldn’t have asked for better weather for their wedding day — it was near the beginning of autumn, with PERFECT weather in the low 70s and full sun. Are you kidding me?! Just gorgeous. 

The wedding party was a mix of family and friends, and SO FUN. They had a lot of energy and were ready to PARTY! A total of 17 bridesmaids and groomsmen, plus five flower girls and four ring bearers. 

At the reception, there were a variety of speeches including Amilia’s lifelong best friend and her maid of honor, the father of the bride, and a pastor who spoke at her quinceanera and who has known the couple throughout the duration of their relationship.

honored to be their wedding photographer — and friend

What an elegant, fun, gorgeous Midwest wedding! I’m so grateful I was able to be a part of their special day as their wedding photographer. I wish them ALL the best in the start of their marriage and continuation of their amazing, loving relationship as a couple.

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