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November 3, 2023

Nichole and Garrett have just the sweetest love story, and it is always such an honor to capture it! I know they’ll look back on their couples photos in Michigan and these memories captured for years and generations to come.

Their Moms are best friends, so Nichole and Garrett “inherited” the friendship out of necessity. Even as friends, because of their Moms’ friendship, they didn’t know each other very well at all. Nichole was a bit hesitant early on, but they clicked SO fast once they went on a date. It was clear to them super quickly that this could be a forever-and-always kind of love!

The photos we captured together were taken at a very special location — on the land they’re planning to build their first home together. They’ve already started making memories on this land, and it will hold even more memories for years to come!

Taking couples photos in Michigan of Nichole and Garrett was wild, because of how IN LOVE they are.

I got to experience firsthand their oh-so-obvious connection. It’s wildly evident that they are 100% each other’s person. They are both so fun and carefree! 

I’ve known Nichole since elementary school, and we’ve recently reconnected, which has been great. She’s also a photographer and we’ve even worked a few weddings together! I’m convinced that nobody could NOT like her — she is seriously the sweetest angel of a human being. In being a part of this meaningful, beautiful photoshoot with them, it was incredible to see her shine, and to witness how much Garrett really loves her. I can tell that Garrett thinks she is such a beautiful soul just in the way he looks at her. And he’s right! They are a power couple indeed 🙂 

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