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May 20, 2024

Keileigh and Alexander are such a sweet duo! It was an honor to be a part of taking their Michigan engagement photos ahead of their wedding next year. Keileigh and Alexander met at a county fair when they were just 14 years old, and have been together for the last six years. They got engaged at an apple orchard last October with their families all around, which made it super special for them. The couple plans to tie the knot next June in Plymouth, Michigan.

Keileigh and Alexander are hoping for very elegant vibes on their wedding day. Their venue directly reflects this as well, so it only made sense to capture elegant engagement photos too! When I asked what their favorite things about each other were, they responded with each other’s personalities, smiles, and overall kindness. So that’s exactly what I set out to capture!

Elegant Detroit, Michigan Engagement Photos

Our first location was the Detroit Institute of Arts. It has such beautiful marble architecture and was the PERFECT location. For any couples wanting a more elegant vibe for their photos — THIS IS IT. In order to also get a bit of a downtown/city vibe for their engagement photos, we walked around the exterior of the museum to snap some more photos.

The second location we went to was the riverwalk in Detroit. Right across the river is Canada, so you can see it in the background of the photos we took by the water. Keileigh had never seen Canada before, so she was beyond excited for that!!!

This photoshoot was mid-day, so we had a lot of direct sunlight to work with. Quite a few photographers shy away from certain lighting conditions, especially harsh, direct sun. But, I had a BLAST playing around with the lighting and truly leaning into it. Another fun element of their engagement shoot was Keileigh’s dress. Oh my goodness, it was SO ICONIC. The bow in the back was AMAZING and the shoes she wore were STUNNING. (In case you are just as curious as I was: her dress is Windsor and her shoes are off Amazon.)

Keileigh and Alexander love just BEING WITH each other. They are a very laid back couple who likes to spend time together, chill out, and relax at home. As a fellow homebody, I could definitely relate, LOL!

We had a great time together capturing this season of their relationship as an engaged couple. I can’t wait to capturing their timeless, elegant wedding next year!


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